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About Georgea

Georea Blakey Equestrian Artist

“Georgea Blakey’s ability to capture both the character and likeness of the animals she paints is truly extraordinary. Her detailed work shows quality and remarkable talent.”

Arabella Bishop, Senior Director

Sotheby’s Ireland

Georgea Blakey is a British portrait artist, specialising in equestrian and animal subjects.

Georgea Blakey has taken on an assortment of commissions ranging from intimate portraits to large-scale murals for high-profile and celebrity clients.

Her commissions have taken her from English country houses and the wildlife parks of South Africa to the polo farms of Argentina and Palm Beach.

She has many illustrious clients from the worlds of the British aristocracy, international show business, media and sport. These include Mike Azzaro, 10 goal USA polo player, Memo Gracida, 10 goal Mexican polo player, Miss World, HRH Sultan of Pahang and Viscount & Viscountess Cowdray.

Georgea has also painted Prince Charles with his polo pony. Her portrait was commissioned by The Lords Taverners Cricket Society and was auctioned for charity. Sir Tim Rice, the lyricist partner of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber was the winning bidder.

Georgea Blakey was the Senior Art Scholar at the prestigious St Paul’s Girls School in London and also graduated from The Chelsea College of Art with a merit award in The History of Art. She feels her greatest tuition has been working in the field, drawing from life and nature whenever possible.

She has traveled the world with her paintbrushes and her paintings hang in collections in Argentina, Europe, North America and South Africa.

She has also taught children to paint in schools in North London, Palm Beach, Florida and in The Liberty Children’s Home in Belize for a charity project.

Georgea’s hobbies include writing, singing and hiking with her silver labrador, Lorcan.

Animal Portraits


Foreward to 'Carousel' by John Maxse 

Welcome to and all aboard Georgea Blakey’s Carousel, it promises to be an exciting ride. Innovative in conception and execution, each and every one of Georgea’s works for Carousel is striking, stylish and smart and, even better, they make you smile.


There is, of course, a great tradition of humour and satire in art, including British artists such as Hogarth in the 18th century up to Banksy in the 21st, and Georgea’s work is part of that lineage. Standing on their own two, or four feet, as in the case of Carousel’s pieces, as pure visual feasts, there is then the pleasure of uncovering the details and story behind each work. 


It is the pleasure derived from this journey, the getting closer to see the details and understanding how each piece came about, that makes the collaboration with horseracing such a good fit. The inspiration for the show is the lexicon of words and phrases unique to horses, and in particular racing. 


Racing has its own language, and the show plays on that. And as in racing, when you scratch below the surface of a horse’s form or pedigree it draws you deeper in, it is likewise for Georgea’s pieces. The closer you look, the more you see, the more rewarding the experience. When you know, you know. 


Indeed, it is a conundrum faced by racing’s own marketing arms; how to make the sport more accessible to those who don’t understand its language, but without losing the magic and heritage that is a key part of the sport’s attraction. They could take heed of Georgea’s work in Carousel, for one. How it brilliantly takes inspiration from the past to produce modern day gems. 

John Maxse, Former director of communications for The Jockey Club 

“This comes with my warmest good wishes for the success of your business.”

HRH, King Charles III

“Georgea is a champion of the horse, her art is so detailed and beautiful.”

Richard Dunwoody, photographer and former UK champion jockey.

I have been working with dogs for over twenty years and trained tens of thousands of these wonderful creatures. I have seen a lot of doggie portraits over that time but there is something that sets Georgea Blakey’s work apart from the rest. Her renditions of man’s best friend are not only beautiful and compelling because of their uncanny ability to capture the physical essence and likeness of your dog but because of their ability to capture something of, to use Pablo Neruda’s phrase, “the autonomy of their shameless spirits.”  It is difficult to convey in words but obvious to anyone who knows dogs. Highly recommended!

 Mike Wombacher, Expert Dog Trainer, Dog Done Good

“Georgea Blakey is an incredibly talented artist. Twenty years ago she joined us at Ascot Park and did an array of sketches which she sold in order to buy a plane ticket to Argentina. I have been to her exhibitions in London and am always incredibly impressed with the quality of her composition.”

Janey Grace, Director of Ascot Park Polo Club

“Georgea Blakey has the miraculous talent of capturing an animal’s essence and nobility.”

Judy Carter, International speaker and humorist and author of The Message of You.

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