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Throughout the year, especially at the big meets like Cheltenham, I often chuckle when the commentators warn us to beware of THE CELTIC RAIDERS!

It makes me think of hoards of Vikings galloping to our shores to steal our jewels and lands. So ,though it is the Irish and only prize money and prestige these horses and their connections are after, I decided to place my own spin on the phenomenon. I’m of Viking heritage and my husband is Irish, so am well versed in Celt Culture.

Inspired by The Book of Kells which I visited in its home in Dublin last summer, I created the body of the horse out of my own unique take on its Celtic knot work.

The body of the jockey was made from a crumpled old ‘punt’ note, with his sleeves made from Aran jumpers and his boots from Guinness coasters.

The tail is made from Aran fudge packets. I wanted this very dynamic duo to leap out from the canvas, so have the horse and rider emerging from scattered pages of James Joyce’s book on arguably the most famous Irish literary hero, ULYSSES.

Framing &  Dimensions 

This artwork is framed in plain white frames. Please contact Georgea to see more photos of the framed piece.

H 680mm x W 925mm

Mixed media on canvas board 

ExpLore this Artwork

Click on the images below to view them in full screen and then zoom in to explore the detail in each piece of artwork.

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