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About this 

Whenever I hear the name of this race horse I think of the most famous cockney rebels of all time , East End Gang lords, The Kray Twins. I have used some iconic images of them to form the body of the horse. Ronnie having a cigarette forms the star on the head. Reggie in his boxing days forms part of a nostril. Stars of that era who had no issue being seen with these criminal celebrities, such as Barbara Windsor and Liza Minnelli, are hidden in the mane.

I also start humming the tune to STEVE HARLEY AND THE COCKNEY REBEL’S famous song, Come Up and See Me, Make Me Smile. Hence why some of the sheet music to the melody comprise the back drop along with some lines from the twin’s autobiographies.

Approx Framed Dimensions 

Framed - H 570mm x W 410mm. Mixed Media on canvas.
Unframed - 46 x 30cm

Mixed media on canvas board 

ExpLore this Artwork

Click on the images below to view them in full screen and then zoom in to explore the detail in each piece of artwork.

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To find out more about this artwork please contact Osbourne Studio Gallery 

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