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About this 

When I hear those two little words, polo pony- I always think of the famous white mints with a hole in the middle. Especially as when I worked as polo groom, I always had a packet or two in my jodphurs. Jilly Cooper’s book, Polo, was also a huge influence on me- so much so that at the age of 19, I ended up working for 6 months on a polo estancia in Argentina .

So this quirky little picture is just a nod to Jilly and mints. I have also thrown in a few more influences, Argentine and English stamps and a surcingle made out of Patron tequila. As we all know, polo players would be broke without a decent Patron!

Approx Framed Dimensions 

H 325mm x W 380mm

Mixed media on canvas board 

ExpLore this Artwork

Click on the images below to view them in full screen and then zoom in to explore the detail in each piece of artwork.

Osboure Studio Gallery.png

To find out more about this artwork please contact Osbourne Studio Gallery 

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