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About this 

A twist on Margaret Atwood’s famous book. Whenever we have dystopian literature I always feel that the animals get left out of the story. Sure we know what happens to the humans, but what of the wildlife, what of the horses? Then I realised that like the maidens, horses also wear hoods, wear muzzles, breed and run in maiden races! So the idea for this was born. My vision of a red horse in a white hood, throwing off her rider and escaping the nightmare of Gilead. I have made the horse from red felt, a saddle from the leather of an old Bible cover and thrown in a lot of hand aid text from the BOOK OF GENESIS combined with some form/statistics from Maiden Stakes in The Racing Post.

Approx Framed Dimensions 

H 325mm x W 380mm

Mixed media on canvas board 

ExpLore this Artwork

Click on the images below to view them in full screen and then zoom in to explore the detail in each piece of artwork.

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To find out more about this artwork please contact Osbourne Studio Gallery 

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